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About Us


The Hunny Shop is located in the pristine and pure South Island of New Zealand.

We are beekeepers producing our own Clover, Manuka and Thyme honey. 

We use our Manuka and our Thyme  honey on a daily bases , and the Thyme is renowned for its antioxidant content.

Benedicte is the Bee keeper in the family while Tony runs the honey sales.

After first producing our own  honey from our home hives in Garston we decided to supply it to a wider audience.

In Dec 2010 we moved into the empty garage across the road from our home and hives, to offer our honey to the travelling public. Very quickly we found that Garston Honey was going to take over our lives.

The Hunny Shop is on the main road from Queenstown to the World Heritage Park of Milford Sound and all those who visit the South Island of New Zealand are likely to pass our door.

After meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world in our new Honey shop ,we decided to create this website, in the main to cater for our satisfied  honey buyers of different nationalities.

Even before completion we have been shipping , single source Manuka honey all over the world.

IT WORKS!!!!! And is delicious.

Next time you are in New Zealand drop in and visit us for a taste of our wonderful pure New Zealand honey.

Tony & Benedicte