About Us

Tony and Bene Sparks Garston, New Zealand


We are situated in the pristine and pure South Island of New Zealand. A very suitable environment for our bees .  The Hunny Shop is situated at 60 km from Queenstown on the way to Milford Sound National Park . A perfect stop to taste our fabulous honey .                         

                                                 After travelling the world for a number of years we decided to start our own business in Garston. why Garston? that is another story! …. why Hunny slept like this is.. well it was certainly very appropriate for Winnie the poo who adored honey above all else, he is a very clever bear!

Tony’s passion has always been for antiquities and you can find all the treasures that he has been collecting over the years on www.garstonstables.com .

Me on the other hand, my passion has turned towards nature and my bees. this is where it all started from. Keeping bees and eventually, my cosmetic range Abelha!

My story is simple. I was so concerned about the rapid decline of bees around the world, that I decided to do my part in taking care of them.They are so important to all life on our fragile planet.  Fascinating and beautiful I fell under their spell.

Thanks to my bees I decide to create my own natural cosmetic range called Abelha 

Everything produced by bees has incredible health-giving properties.  Such a small creature that gives so much,  not only honey, but also pollen, royal jelly and propolis!! not to mention the rejuvinating qualities in the venom         

 Next time you are in New Zealand drop in and visit us for a taste of our wonderful pure New Zealand honey.