Wild forest is back!

After being AWOL for so long, our hugely popular Catlins Wild Forest Honey is *FINALLY* back in stock!
Our " Wild Forest Honey" comes from one the purest and untouched parts of New zealand - The catlins . This is an enchanted ancient rainforest full of unique old plants, that do not grow anywhere else in the world . Bees visit amazing trees like Rata or Kahikatea , to turn their nectar into an exceptional honey. Wild forest offers a distinctive mixture of flavours of mulitiple wild flowers. taste is full and rich. Wild Forest Honey is ideal sweetener that adds flavour to coffee, tea or baking.
The best part is, for every jar we sell, we donate a portion of the profit to The South Catlins Charitable Trust to assist with the wonderful work they do there, in such a special part of New Zealand

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